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A weekly music show featuring the "Beat of the Week".
Airs Saturday's, 7am Pacific, exclusively at

Saturday, October 1st, 7am PT

Playlist:  10/01/2022
"In The Meantime"/ Spacehog
"Old Man" / Beck
"Sour Times" / Portishead
"Beautiful Day" / U2
"Gangsta's Paradise" / Coolio
"Born and Raised" / Chris Shiflett
"Lump" / Presidents of the United States
"In Spite of Ourselves" / John Prine (feat. Iris De Ment)
"Immigrant Song" / Led Zeppelin
"I Punched Keanu Reeves" / Hello Peril
"Star Wars Title Theme" / Meco
"Left Hand Free" / Alt-J
"Amber" / 311
"Asphalt Meadows"
/ Death Cab For Cutie

Beat of the Week

"Asphalt Meadows"
Death Cab For Cutie

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